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Areas of Practice

Water Law Specialists

Colorado water laws and related legal matters are varied and complex, often overlapping with other areas of law including real estate, contract and special district law.  The Lawrence-Custer Team has comprehensive and successful experience in all aspects of Colorado water law, including: water rights adjudication and litigation, and particularly water court changes of water rights and plans for augmentation; water rights planning and acquisition; water entity formation; ditch company general counsel; water conservancy district law and representation; drainage district law and representation; tributary and non-tributary ground water law; designated groundwater basins and ground water management districts; Colorado Ground Water Commission litigation; well permitting; water stock transfers; water rights title review and more. If you have a water related issue, you will not find a more skilled and experienced group of water attorneys.

Real Estate and Property Law

If you are a large or medium scale property owner like many of our agricultural clients, it is typical to have real estate representation needs to ensure the integrity, protection and transfer of those property interests. With the expansion of oil and gas development through fracking and horizontal drilling technology, pipeline crossing agreements, either for the carriage of water to the drilling site or transport of the petroleum product from the site, are a real and necessary out-growth of this industry.  The Lawrence-Custer Team provides legal services and advice relating to preparation, review and negotiation of buy and sell contracts, deeds, leases, and easement and crossing agreements. Our knowledge and expertise in this area of law allows us to achieve success for our clients in a manner that typically avoids expensive litigation.

Special District Law

Two of our largest clients are water conservancy districts. Lawrence-Custer provides advice and legal services related to the formation and representation of these special government districts, as well as designated groundwater management districts, and drainage districts. This unique area of law often poses complicated and challenging issues for people involved in managing and running these quasi-governmental entities with taxing authority and public sector responsibilities. The Lawrence-Custer Team is up for the task.

Non-Profit Business Associations

Management of water and other natural resources is often a collaborative effort of neighbors, joint property owners and other interested stakeholders.  Lawrence-Custer provides advice and legal services related to the formation and representation of non-profit business associations charged with the collective management of the resource, including ditch companies, management associations and other not-for-profit entities.